Sheldon Singleton

Sheldon’s Story

Sheldon Singleton couldn’t continue to tell his clients the same old commonly accepted financial advice that didn’t lead to financial success for most people anymore. So, he did something that most people in his profession wouldn’t do. He followed his conscious, quit the firm he was at, started completely over from scratch, and formed Robotic Financial Concepts.

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Interviewed by Rick Weinberg, California Business Journal about the challenges following “typical” financial advice.
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Let Us Help You

• Tired of gambling your financial future primarily on the ups and downs of the stock market?

• Some of the common sense financial advice that you have been told to follow doesn’t apply to the realities of life. When it comes to making decisions about your money, you must know the whole truth, the pro’s and the con’s.

• If you have ever felt that something was missing by following typical financial advice, Prosperity Economics Practitioner “Sheldon Singleton” shares with you what they don’t tell you.

How We’re Different

Think about this for a moment: With all the financial information that’s available to us today, why aren’t more people wealthy? Following the common sense standard typical financial advice hasn’t led to economic success for most people.
Even those who are relatively wealthy are challenged to find ways to grow their assets while protecting them from market fluctuations and excessive taxation.
Prosperity Economics is different and offers a way out of this mess. It questions the everyday financial assumptions we have been conditioned to accept as true and provides an alternative to “typical” financial planning.