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ProspurRICh “Prosperity Information Channel” Introduction

With all of the financial information that is available to us today from all types of different sources, why aren’t more people wealthy? You know that wealth exists in the world, you can see it all around you, but how do you achieve it? The reason is wealthy people don’t think the same as the […]

Can You Save Your Way to Wealth?

If you depend on your money working hard for you in bank savings account, you may be in for an unpleasant surprise. Find out what the two enemies to wealth are in a low-interest rate environment.

The Wealth Ratio

If you understand the Wealth Ratio, it will help you integrate different strategies to accelerate wealth building and minimize risk.

The Fuzzy Math of Average Returns

If you have been to magic show before and loved the tricks, Sheldon exposes one of the tricks the financial services industry pulls on you to evaluate investments that don’t don’t show you the whole truth. Here’s the blog link to For the free e-Book “Financial Planning Has Failed”, go to the my website […]

How to Send Your Child to College debt-free Introduction Interview with Shellee Howard

Sheldon Singleton financial and Alternative Investment Advisor and International College Educational Planner and best-selling author Shellee Howard turn conventional advice on its head when it comes to saving for and going to college. In this interview you will learn how Shellee sent her son to Harvard tuition-free, how two popular financial strategies that conventional financial […]

Favorite Way to Save Money for College

Sheldon Singleton interviews Shellee Howard of College Ready on two favorite ways to save money for college and another college myth for one to be aware of as you prepare for college. Sheldon goes over the most powerful phrase that one should know of when it comes to money. Shellee’s website: