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Sheldon Singleton – Founder, Investment Advisor Representative, and Prosperity Economics Practitioner

CA Ins License 00D27178

“A coin has three sides, heads, tails, and the edge. Intelligent people stay on the edge and look at both sides.” – Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad

After getting of a call with an unhappy client, Sheldon said “Enough is enough!” and was done following the “Typical”  financial advice that you hear being promoted everyday. He knew that there were strategies and philosophies out there that wealthy people follow to grow and keep their wealth and he was determined to find out what they were.

Sheldon isn’t the “average” financial services professional. He has a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology and was an engineer in the Military / Aerospace industry for twenty-two years. He is client and education focused, not transaction focused. He believes when you help educate a client, they make better decisions, they appreciate you more, and you become a valued resource in their life.

Sheldon founded Robotic Financial Concepts after being part of a large financial services and Registered Advisory Firm for where he held a Life Insurance License, and was a Registered Representative, a Branch Office Supervisor and an Investment Advisor Representative.

Because of his engineering background of problem solving and researching, he developed a mindset to look at all different financial philosophy’s from every angle. He dug in and found “unconventional concepts” that the wealthy, financial institutions, and Wall Street have been using for decades that weren’t being shared with the average person.

Also he found is that these prosperous institutions and wealthy people did the opposite of the typical financial advice that’s being recommended to the average person. That made him furious and it became his mission to pull back the curtain on typical financial advice and let people know about these “unconventional concepts.”

Through his research, he joined the Prosperity Economics Movement and became a Prosperity Economics Practitioner with Partners4Properity the organization that teaches these “unconventional” concepts.

He’s an Investment Advisor Representative with Vanclef Financial Group, A Financial Services Firm that helps clients build truly diversified portfolios.

Sheldon’s believes educating his client’s first, so they can make a quality decisions to see if these concepts make sense for themselves.

If you would like to talk to Sheldon to find out more about these concepts, click on this Contact Us link and he will reach out to you for a no obligation consultation.

Jack Scharff

Life and Health Insurance Agent

CA Ins License #0E36153

Jackson Scharff is a former electronic engineer who enjoyed his profession for decades. In 2004 he became a registered representative obtaining his Series 6, 63 and 26 securities licenses. Later he obtained his Series 65 license. Working many years in financial services he became uncomfortable with the gyrations in the stock market and the negative effect these swings had on his clients’ portfolios. After ten years in the securities business, Jackson abandoned his securities licenses and began the migration to investments and savings that could not be adversely affected by negative market swings coupled with high investment fees that had to be paid whether their investments made or lost money.

Now Jackson will not put his clients’ hard-earned money at risk in the casino we call the stock market. He enjoys teaching his clients and prospects how to save without any concern for the behavior of the market. No more 401k’s becoming 201k’s on his watch.

Contact him for a no obligation consultation.

Phone Number: 714-269-5771

Email Address: jackscharff5@gmail.com